All About Stride Custom Braces

At Botsford Family Orthodontics, we offer the incredible benefits of KLOwen Stride custom braces. Our team, led by Dr. Keyan Botsford, provides personalized and effective orthodontic treatments for beautiful, healthy smiles. With KLOwen Stride custom braces, we use cutting-edge orthodontic technology to improve the alignment of your smile. Let’s dive into the details and discover how these braces can transform your smile.

The KLOwen Stride Difference 

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, KLOwen Stride custom braces are unique in several ways. First, let’s talk about aesthetics. Traditional braces have noticeable metal brackets and wires, but Stride custom braces are your discreet alternative. 

But the differences go beyond appearance. KLOwen Stride custom braces focus on customization and comfort. Traditional braces take a one-size-fits-all approach. But with Stride, you’ll get braces that fit your unique smile.

A comfortable orthodontic journey leads to happier patients and better outcomes. Thanks to advanced 3D imaging and digital design, we create braces that fit just right for better tooth movement.  

KLOwen Stride custom braces reduce discomfort and irritation since we design them to meet your specific needs and preferences.

The Benefits of Stride Custom Braces

Stride custom braces offer a range of benefits that can impact your smile and oral health. Here are some key advantages of choosing Stride braces for your orthodontic journey:

Improved dental alignment: Stride braces correct crooked teeth, gaps, overcrowding, and bite misalignments. By properly aligning your teeth, these braces enhance the look and function of your smile.

Enhanced oral health: Braces do more than straighten your smile—they also promote better oral health. Aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. Correcting bite issues can ease jaw pain, improve chewing efficiency, and minimize excessive wear.

Boosted self-confidence: Stride braces will transform your self-esteem. By straightening crooked teeth, you’ll get increased confidence and improved social interactions. Get a more aligned and attractive smile, and feel comfortable sharing it with the world.

Long-term stability: We strive for lasting results with our orthodontic treatments. After removing the braces, we’ll give you retainers to maintain your new smile. Retainers prevent teeth from shifting back to keep your smile straight for life.

Potential health benefits: Addressing dental issues with Stride braces can benefit your health. Bite alignment reduces stress on the jaw joints, minimizing the risk of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. It can even improve symptoms like jaw pain, headaches, and neck pain.

Personalized treatment: At Botsford Family Orthodontics, we understand that every patient is unique. Every part of your Stride braces is customized to your smile, so you’ll get the best results. 

The Process of Getting Custom Braces

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities during your treatment. Here’s a step-by-step overview of what you can expect:

Initial Examination: Dr. Botsford will examine your teeth, jaw, and oral health. This may involve X-rays, photographs, and impressions to gather essential diagnostic information.

Custom Treatment Plan: Dr. Botsford uses advanced 3D technology to create a customized treatment plan for your smile. This personalized approach ensures optimal results.

Braces Fabrication: After Dr. Botsford plans your treatment, we’ll create your braces. Utilizing the digital model of your teeth, our team will craft your Stride Custom braces. 

Braces Placement: During your next visit, Dr. Botsford will attach your custom braces to your teeth. The process involves making any necessary adjustments to ensure proper alignment and comfort. Don’t worry; we’ll guide you through every step and answer any questions.

Follow-up Appointments: You’ll have regular follow-up appointments to track your progress and make adjustments. These appointments are crucial for keeping your treatment on track.

Retainers for Long-Term Stability: Dr. Botsford will give you retainers to maintain the results of your treatment. Retainers help prevent your teeth from shifting, ensuring the long-term stability of your new smile.

Throughout your orthodontic journey, our team will be here to support you. We’ll provide guidance, answer your questions, and adjust your treatment plan. We aim to ensure you have a positive experience and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Dr. Keyan Botsford, provides personalized and effective orthodontic treatments for beautiful, healthy smiles. All About Stride Custom Braces.

Get Your Perfect Smile With Botsford Family Orthodontics 

At Botsford Family Orthodontics, we provide exceptional orthodontic care that exceeds your expectations. With KLOwen Stride custom braces, you’ll get the benefits of personalized, effective orthodontic treatment. 

Dr. Botsford and our experienced team are here to guide you every step of the way. Schedule a consultation at our Medford office to discover how Stride custom braces can transform your smile. Get ready to embrace a new chapter of confident smiles and lasting oral well-being.